With the strong memory of Balakot airstrikes and also the annual air shows people are curious to know,  how they coordinate with such high precision and the reason behind their abilities. The most technical job among the three forces is the AIR FORCE . Today top AIR FORCE of the world include USA , Russia, Israel, Indian air force ,  french air force  and royal air force of UK .


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Capability is developed through practice . Training involves, physical and combat training , ground level flying and flying at greater heights , technical manoeuvres during crisis situation and precision bombing , guided missile delivery and flying manoeuvres. Training involves in both air fleet and helicopter. Technical staff are also trained as support system at the background at times of failure during crucial situations. Nuclear training is another dimension . It involves carrying war heads which requires extreme precision in timing. Ground stations are also involved   during operations.  They guide the pilots when asked for doubts and they also provide the mapping and spatial extents of area  and the terrain. Hence air force training involves academic aspects of topography and geography ,  also with respect to automobile and electronics engineering field. Thus  it involves coordination from different circles for a mission to succeed. The below are the best practices adopted as schemes for training those involved in air force operations and maintenance.


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 The other AIRFORCEs are more or less similar to these three. The first and the foremost test for recruitment is natural fitness and health. Only those who clear this stage are inducted into training scheme.
It starts off with daily wake up call for physical drills , followed by mental activities. Only 15 minutes break for 3 meals are provided  in intervals. Team building and leadership development will be integrated throughout the course. Academics related  education will be imparted in 2 or 3 months duration as crash course. Practical lab with respect to technical learning is the most important phase of learning because to handle today’s fleet and equipment  it requires vast technical knowledge and expertise.
Senior level officers and training experts will take charge of limited number of trainees and ensure strict discipline and decency.


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In the end trainees are tested in different situations including war situation and disaster management . Disaster management is the most crucial and challenging task . It requires continuous refueling and carrying tonnes of relief material to tough terrains under different weather phenomena. Simulation of War games  and showcasing of capabilities are also taught in the end of the scheme.

Ultimately it involves rigorous learning and practicing to develop capabilities of any security force. It just boils down to one day or one important situation but the background has a different picture which needs to be experienced than said.