Types of Military Exercise Carried out by the Armed Forces

Types of Military Exercise Carried out by the Armed Forces

The armed forces of every country have the most tasking job of anybody in the world. Their actions and state of readiness affects the lives of millions and they have to stay in top shape all the time. A single slip up would mean the lives of many, or in some cases much worse. They stay in the best shape they can be in by performing drills and exercises daily, but in some cases to inlolve a greater amount of personal and increase readiness across the board, they perform huge military exercises.

Military exercises are nothing new. They are held by choosing multiple squadrons that are tactically involved together in real life war situations. It can be infantry, artillery and tanks working together or only artillery and air force, you get the idea. These are done individually by countries and their armed forces or in some cases many countries together participate in such exercises.

Command Post Exercise

The command post exercise is mainly meant for the staff of the army rather than the combatants and soldiers themselves. What it does is ensures the combat and mental readiness of the staff involved in the army from deputies to personal assistants. It typically focuses on the battle readiness of staffs such as a particular Unified Combatant Command or one of its components at any level. It may run in parallel with a Field Training Exercise (FTX) or its equivalent.

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Field Exercise

Field exercise, as the name suggests, armed forces train using real life battle scenarios. Teams are usually divided into red and blue and they engage in real life scenarios. The army usually calls it FTX and the navy Fleet Exercise. They are done separately by the separate arms of the armed forces I.e., Army, Navy and Air Force.

Joint Exercise

A Joint Military exercise is the kind of military exercise where different arms of the military of a particular country carry out an exercise together. They are usually massive and have all three of the arms, if all three exist. But if you include the navies or the forces of multiple countries, then it is called a combined exercise.


Simulations are a new kind of military exercise. They are also called Tactical Exercise Without Troops (TEWT), which are run using computers and are basically models of different military scenarios. The military call them war games and they are used quite extensively now a days.