Top Four Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles in the World by Range

Top Four Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles in the World by Range

Space travel meant a lot of things to a lot of people. To the science enthusiast, it was the beginning of endless possibilities, for the common, it was a giant leap in what humans could do, but to the military, it meant something else. Power, power to build rockets that could travel thousands of miles. Rockets that could hit any part of the planet from any part of the planet.

All this started during the cold war era but the repercussions led to the missile race that we see today including the birth of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s). Now you have missiles that can reach any corner of the earth and 5 countries possess the capability of launching such missiles. Now that you have a brief understanding of what’s what, let’s get to the meat of this article, the ICBM’s with the longest range.

R-36M, Russia

The monster on top of the list is the Russian made R-36M. The heaviest ICBM in the world weighing 8.8 tons, it has a range of 16,000kms. It is code named the SS-18 Satan, aptly I must add, it comes in six variants from mod 1 to mod 6 and are designed to fire from missile launching Silo sites. Some of them even have the capability of carrying ten Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV) warheads with 550 kilotonnes (kt) to 750kt of yield each.

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Dongfeng-41(DF-41), China

Second on the list is China’s Dongfeng-41. China has made huge strides in the development of ICBM’s in recent years and Dongfeng’s two entries in this list is evidence to it. The DF-41, named CSS-X-10, is one of the most powerful missiles ever made with a range of over 13,000kms and up to 15,000kms. It is a three stage solid propellent missile with a max payload capacity of 2.5 tons.

Dongfeng-5A (DF-5A), China

Dongfeng 5A is a ICBM that is more or less the little brother of the DF-41. Capable of hitting targets within a range of 13,000, it has undergone significant improvements to its capabilities since its introduction. It now boasts of an increased payload capacity of 3.2 tons and with options to carry six re-entry vehicles each.

Hwasong-15, North Korea

The newest entrant to the list is North Korea’s Hwasong-15. While not much is known about the missile, North Korea claims it has a range of 13,000kms and can virtually hit any target on the planet.