Roles And Responsibilities Of A Paramilitary Officer

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Paramilitary Officer

A paramilitary is a group of semi-militarized forces who are trained as professional armed forces that include tactical training, gun and artillery training. They are reserved for an emergency situation like providing support at times of natural disaster, providing manpower to frontline forces, engaging in missions like rescuing hostages, providing security cover to VIP, etc. The paramilitary forces are usually drafted under the Special Forces acts and they have their own established administration that handles and leads the organization. The administration has close contact with the Government, Military and Local Police Forces. A paramilitary officer or soldier has to undergo the same amount of physical training a soldier of the main armed forces undergoes. It’s required from an officer of the paramilitary to perform its responsibilities and stay true to its duty. The roles and responsibilities of a paramilitary officer are.

#Military Role

An officer has to perform the duties that he’s assigned to. The military role includes handling of weapons, tactical planning, etc. An officer task is directly assigned by the higher officials. It is required from an officer to be highly skillful in weaponry, reasoning and tactical skills. In the time of military crisis or an emergency situation, it is expected from the paramilitary forces to exercise its full military power.

#Diplomatic Role

An officer has to be diplomatic and should be able to communicate with the people under his command while maintaining peace and integrity among them. He should be able to handle situations diplomatically and make good relationships with the higher officials and with the local administration. An officer always knows that being undisciplined at times of duty can harm his reputation and bring unbalance in his company. It’s his man-management skills that play the trick in this case

#Benign Role

The role of a paramilitary is not only confined to warfare. But the paramilitary is designed to involve in rescue operations and other missions like UN Peace Keeping Missions. It’s important that an officer is mentality stable and has the eagerness to serve humanity. Many troops were involved in the peacekeeping missions that brought peace and development in the respective areas they have served. An officer’s influence on his troops is important so that he can keep the spirit of serving the community alive.