Not Everyone Who Joins The US Navy Will Serve On A Ship

Not Everyone Who Joins The US Navy Will Serve On A Ship

The United States Navy arose as a military service branch trained and prepared for water battles. As the Navy grew larger there were many ships added slowly to its fleet. Given its history, many assume that if you enlist in the United States Navy you will likely serve on a ship. In this article I will help you understand the different areas you can serve as a sailor in the US Navy.

Are you considering enlisting in the Navy? If so, are you worried about serving on a ship, boat, or submarine? This is a concern for many joining the Navy. Perhaps you are worried because you can’t swim that well or get seasick easily.

The truth is that the Navy still has hundreds of water-bound vessels that are home to many sailors during training or deployment. However the Navy also has many land based bases, stations and operations.

A popular belief among service members is that the Army has more ships than the Navy, and that the Navy has more aircraft than the air force. How is this possible? The nature of the world is changing, and along with it the specific duties of the individual members of the armed forces.

Ships have become more sophisticated in the last century. A large vessel that may have required a crew of hundreds to run years ago can now be successfully manned with just a dozen or more sailors. However, the logistical aspect of running the Navy has increased. This has caused a shift in personnel and manpower from water-side combat to land-side logistics.

There are some Navy bases staffed with personnel who work in logistical operations including taking care of supplies, paperwork, medical records and more. Then you have the Navy security team to patrol the base, sailors to take care of the physical and technical aspects of running the base such as the electricians and seabeas (builders).

You may also find yourself on deployment to a land-based operation where you will be nicknamed a ‘dirt sailor’. In other words a Navy Sailor deployed on land. You will be working in your field in a similar manner as you would on a ship, but perhaps may never step foot on a ship during that deployment. You can be stationed anywhere from the hot deserts of Kuwait and Afghanistan, to the frozen landscapes near the poles.

And last but not least, there are many military operations that required members of multiple branches to work together. You may find yourself deploying to an Army, Air Force, Marine or Even Coast Guard base.