Most Powerful Weapon in the Indian Military

Most Powerful Weapon in the Indian Military

India is known as the world’s 4th largest and powerful military in the world just after United States, Russia and China. When it comes to various weapons that are the mandatory requirement for every military of any nation multiple weapons protect the nation against all the odds. Indian Military is equipped with all the Indian and Foreign-made weapon so let us check out some of the most powerful weapons in the Indian Military that protects our nation.

  • Pinaka MLRS:

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MLRS is known as Multiple Launch Rocket System and the Pinaka MLRS was a replacement for the vintage BM-21 Grad MLRS. It was first introduced in the Indian Army in the year 1998 as a 40 km range system, 12 rockets are mounted on an 8*8 Indian Army truck with NBC protection. This highly operated rocket launcher can destroy enemies base camps along with their tanks and armed vehicles. This weapon can operate in difficult conditions such as weapon locating radars, battlefield surveillance radars and many more. 

  • P-8i Neptune:

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This is the one that protects our nation from the sky, the P-8i Neptune is an aircraft that is highly equipped with 6-8 MK-54 torpedoes in its bomb bays along with 4 harpoon missiles under its wings. This aircraft can carry 120 sonobuoys internally, the P-8i Neptune is a very essential weapon that has the responsibility of protecting the 7500 km long coastline and hundreds of islands that need protection from all the enemies that try to harm our nation. The best part of this aircraft is that it is very fuel-efficient that means it can travel for about 4000 km in single refuel that makes this aircraft a complete weapon for the nation. Equipped with long-range search radar in the nose, this machine can hunt down submarines as well. 

  • T-90S Bheeshma:

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Weighing about 48 tons that can carry a crew of 3 personal the T-90S Bheeshma is a gift for the ground forces who protect our border based areas in India. This tank is equipped with 125 mm smoothbore gun along with 12.7 mm machine gun that can fire up to 100 bullets in a single round. The T-90S Bheeshma is coated with Kanchan ceramic armour which is topped by a layer of Explosive Reactive Armour to protect it from bullets and other bombs from enemies.

The above mentioned were some of the best and most powerful weapons in the Indian Military that protects our nation from all the odds that intend to hurt our beloved country India.