Military Careers Provide Unique Training and Excellent Job Opportunities

Military Careers Provide Unique Training and Excellent Job Opportunities

Military careers can provide many advantages. Military training, like other skills, must be used if it is to be maintained. When you decide to join the military, you are making a commitment to do what your country needs you to do to keep your homeland safe. This requires mental and physical discipline. It is crucial to focus and excel during military training to ensure success. Military staff training requires a delicate balance of organizing the staff to properly manage information. Military staff needs to efficiently make recommendations, conduct coordination, synchronizing. When choosing from a variety of military careers there are some common benefits that all members receive whether they are officer or enlisted.

BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing or Government Quarters)

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. The intent of BAH is to provide uniformed service members accurate and equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets, and is payable when government quarters are not provided.

Currently, military members have the option to live in military housing or in the local community; those who live in “privatized” military housing do not have to pay for utilities. By transitioning to privatized military communities the Defense Department was able to rebuild its aging military housing and improve the quality of life for service members and their families faster and at a lower cost to American taxpayers.

BAS (Basic Allowance for Substance)

Basic Allowance for Subsistence is a nontaxable allowance to defray a portion of the cost of service members’ subsistence, i.e., food. The allowance is not meant to compensate military personnel for the cost of food for family members. This benefit is paid to members in addition to the BAH and base pay irrespective of their careers.

Medical Coverage

As a member of the military community, one of the most important benefits you’ve earned is comprehensive health care coverage. TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health care program for members of the uniformed services, their families and survivors. TRICARE also offers health care programs for retired service members, including TRICARE Pharmacy, TRICARE Dental (United Concordia), and TRICARE for Life. Military members currently have the option to be seen on a military installation or in the civilian sector if no military specialists are available for the type of treatment or procedure needed.

Job Opportunities

The military offers a variety of job opportunities and assignments. If you opt for military career you may find yourself involved in such diverse activities as managing a hospital, commanding a tank, programming computers, operating a nuclear reactor, or repairing and maintaining planes and helicopters. Currently the military offers unique training in over 150 careers, many of which are directly related to civilian careers. One major difference in a military career unlike a civilian career is that the military member is trained in their career and paid at the same time. Members not only get school knowledge but actual hands on training in the shortest amount of time.

Many military schools offer high-tech training. Some are accredited, so you earn college credits as you receive job training. During and after your time in service, the Military encourages you to advance your education. Military service comes along with a number of education benefits including tuition assistance. Other programs, such as DANTES, help you earn credits for your military training that you can also transfer to a college and earn your degree faster. This training will allow military members to be better served as they seek job opportunities after completion on military service.

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