Different Types Of Military Operations

Different Types Of Military Operations

The military was formed totally to safeguard a nation from external threats and internal threats. The military is a large organization having its own department. There are different departments within the military to handle the strategy and operations. Military operations are always strategically planned and executed. Since the time of World War I the role of army operations have changed, thus leading to a more advanced way of engaging in wars. This is done to cause fewer casualties and damage. Some of the operations types of the military are.

Offensive Operation

Offensive operations are adapted to change the outcome of war or situation in one’s favor by using extreme violence and force. Majority of the operations are offensive but in some case, they are used to reduce the influence of other forces in a conflict area. Majority of the wars offensive operations the World I, World II, Iraq Invasion by the US, Vietnam War, etc, are all offensive missions.

Defensive Operations

To prevent any damage to side defensive operations are made while adding reinforcement so that further offensive steps can be taken. In defensive operation, the military joins with the local army or local administration to strengthen them ad support them. By doing this the group which was present already gets boosted morally and psychologically.

Peace Keeping Mission

In United Nations Peace Keeping Missions the soldiers are deployed to suppress the hostile party’s influence but still not engaging with them. There are other roles a UN peacekeeper has to perform like the Observer’s role, where a blue helmet is unarmed. His main role is to keep an eye on the former rebel groups if they are not violating the cease-fire agreement.  Another role is of Peace Enforcement Missions, where they co-ordinate with the local forces and to eliminate its threat while maintaining peace.

Special Operation Mission

Only the special/elite team in a military performs special OPS. These teams are formed of very highly skilled individuals in warfare, arson, masonry, Spy, martial arts, etc. Individuals from this team are given duties to infiltrate and spy on the enemy country, assassinate, kidnap or steal documents from other high-security places. Famous Special Ops Teams are Navy Seal Team, SAS, Green Berets, and Spetnaz, etc. Rescue operations often done by this special ops also to secure documents and sneak information from the enemy territory or pass information to the enemy territory.