If you are looking forward to join the Navy, then you must meet the basic entry requirements and must commit to serve a specified amount of time. In order to serve as an ‘Enlisted Sailor’, you must be in between 17 to 39 years of age. If in case you haven’t turned 18, then you must have a parental consent. On the other hand if one wants to serve as an Officer,  then one must be at least nineteen years of age but less than forty two years.

To serve as an Officer

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You must,

  • Be a U.S. citizen

To serve as an Enlisted Sailor

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You must,

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Have a permanent residence visa or an Alien Registration Green Card.

You can also join the Navy if you are a single parent. In few cases, you must prove that you can meet your current financial obligations as well. You must compulsorily be a high school graduate or earn a GED and must meet other high school requirements in order to enlist as a Sailor in the US Navy. If you want to become an Officer, then you must have a four year BA or BS degree from an accredited university. Yes, your grades matter too. The US Navy has zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol. In the commissioning or enlistment process, you will also have to take a urinalysis test and will be asked questions about your prior alcohol and drug use. It would be wiser if you are open about it. The Navy applies legal, character and medical standards to your application as well which includes criminal history, traffic offense history and citizenship status. Once you have decided to serve in the Navy, you must consider some of the basic obligations like  training and time commitment. The time duration to serve on Active Duty depends on several factors like your interests and background.

You don’t have to worry if you’ve never served in the military. If you are looking forward to enter as an Enlisted Sailor, then you must attend the ‘Recruit Training’, also called as the ‘Boot Camp’. Unless and until you are entering as an Officer through specific (college) programs, especially the NROTC  or Naval Academy, you would have to attend an Officer training course like- ODS  (Officer Development School) or  OCS (Officer Candidate School). You would also have to attend some extra specialty schooling based on your career path.