Career Opportunities in Air Force

Career Opportunities in Air Force

If you want to become an authorized officer in the United States Air Force, then you must have a bachelor’s degree. You can gain a commission in the United States Air Force either by enrolling yourself for the ROTC -Air Force Reserve Officers Training Program, or by graduating from OTS- Officer Training School or by attending the Air Force Academy. Here are some of the job descriptions for authorized officers in different career fields in the Air Force,

Air Force Navigator Field

Air Force navigators are highly trained on specific aircrafts and equipments. For example, there are fighter plane navigators, bomber navigators, airlift navigators, etc. Usually navigators are trained in various sub-categories like surveillance or reconnaissance.  An Air Liason Officer will need a Navigator or Combat Systems Operator, Air Battle Manager, an aeronautical Pilot rating, and must undergo the SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation). The age limit for Air Liaison Officers is between eighteen to thirty four years.

Air Force Pilots

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In order to qualify in this particular field, the airmen must have some basic knowledge of air navigation, flight theory, meteorology, aircraft operating procedures, mission tactics and flying directives. You must complete your undergraduate pilot training and go through a ‘Single Scope Background ‘ Investigation. There will be some additional training as well depending upon your specialty. One must complete their Officer Training school and  Reserve Officer Training Corps as well. The age bar for Pilots is between eighteen to twenty eight years.

Air Force Intelligence Officers 

Special Tactics Officers are well trained in heading the special tactics forces.  This basically includes everything from assault zone assessment,  weather operations to combat search and rescue. All you will need is a  bachelor’s degree, along with that some courses in management and  administration and must have a specialization in technical discipline as well. One has to maintain a ‘combat ready status’, complete the officer training school and also undergo the (SSBI) Single Scope Background Investigation.

Space, Command and Control 

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They manage space flight training, planning as well as mission control. They can be crew members or astronauts for space flights as well. The Officers are again into four sub-categories based on their experience level- qualified, staff, entry and intermediate. The Space operation officers have several duties which includes directing and planning of space operation programs, planning space stations, managing launch and recovery activities and training astronauts.

Apart from these, one could also become logistics officers, health & medicine officers, arts & humanities officers and law & enforcement officers.