Career in Navy

Career in Navy


Serving the nation is the dream come true for any Indian citizens where they have sacrifice everything for the nation which is not easy task to do. For a naval officer, they have spend months away from the family and even days and months in open seas for putting the country first below everything else. The career in Indian navy teaches them duty and commitment for the adventurous ride and expansive blue waters. So, being will help them to explore the world and provide the leadership opportunities.  Navy has many different fields to choose from like executive, engineering, electrical and education. Below are the qualifications for a career in navy.


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To be eligible for the post in navy, they should have 10+2 educational qualification and age should be atleast   17-19 years which is the must for the Indian citizens.


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While applying for the post in Indian navy in fields like Electrical Wing, Marine Engineering or Architect should be an Indian resident. In some cases, even neighbor countries can also send applicants for this post and neighbor countries have to take permission from government of India.

Marital Status

Over here, applying for the navy the candidates should be unmarried male before joining the navy forces.

Navy Officer Job Educational Qualifications

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Applying for post in navy, the candidates must have passed class 12th with aggregate of 75% in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and aggregate of 50% marks in English. So, minimum qualifications required for navy post changes from time to time and same must be published for the advertisement in leading newspaper and on the navy website.

The candidate applying for the post for navy officer must have minimum height of 157cm with the good body weight depending on the age and height of the candidate.

Physical requirements


To qualify for the navy officer, the candidates must have physical and mental health, should be free from diseases and disability, eye visual standard is considered under particular prescribed standards with and without glasses. So, candidates should make sure that their eyesight will reach the following parameters like their eyesights should be 6/12 and the worst eye should be of 6/12 and while with glasses the better eye should atleast 6/9 and worst scenario should be 6/12.

These are the steps required before applying for the post in Navy Officer. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about career in navy