The US Navy is one of the most elite forces in the world.  Most of us heard about the SEALs, ability to operate on Sea, Air and Land, their popularity exploded thanks to movies like Top Gun, Annapolis, Lone Survivor, and Tears Of The Sun etc .They are best known for their tenacity and bravery in the battlefield. They are highly used for covert mission, rescue operations and tactical operations. Navy Seals are a pride to the nation Of US and many young people dream of enlisting it.  So we prepare a list of things that all you need to know about US Navy.

  • Third Largest Air Force – The US Navy is the third largest air force in the world after The US Air force and the US Army. That makes them a lethal air force with active 3700 deployable aircraft. The working force of the Navy is about 319,421 personal with 99,616 as a ready reserve.
  • Two Centuries Older – The Navy tracks its origin to the continental army which was formed during the American Revolutionary War. Seals actively participated in majority of war which America was involved like The World War, Vietnam War, Iraqi War, Korean War, etc.
  • Multi Force -Navy is not only confined to sea which they are dominant forces but they can also perform task efficiently on air and as well as on land. The Navy seals are also deployed in submarines to defend against underwater attacks.

    U.S. Navy Photo by Visual Information Specialist Chris Desmond
  • Navy produced 6 presidents- From 1961-1993, all the US presidents elected served in the navy except Ronald Regan, who was a nonnavy man. The navy had a reputation of producing great leaders.
  • Biggest Maritime Battle Won-The Navy won the biggest maritime battle that was ever won. The battle of Leyte was fought against the Japanese. It involved 32 American carrier, 12 battle ships, 24 Cruisers, more than 140 destroyers and 1500 fighter planes.
  • Strict Uniforms – The navy has strict dress codes for different occasions. They are Service dress uniforms, Dinner uniforms, Working uniforms, Physical training uniforms. Each dress has its and own importance and every navy seal is expected to follow it strictly.