All You Need to Know about URI Attack

All You Need to Know about URI Attack

To start with, an attack took place in URI, near Kashmir. It seems that terrorists crossed line of control and came inside India Occupied Kashmir and killed the paramilitary officers. Many officers lost their life and it happened to be all of sudden and they had no information from the intelligence also. They had changed their clothes and had sneaked into the Indian Camp and started firing, which took place in a flash.To the fact that Indian Army is much much well equipped than Pakistan, they don’t want to show it on and off.

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Narendra Damodar Das Modi, Prime Minister of India took a bold step as to make a surgical strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The team was divided into four and was named as Alpha, Charlie, and Beta. The team was led by dedicated officers and were trained in such a way that they should come back only after finishing things. Modi is a dynamic person and has lot of visions in his mind. He as a super hero took an amazing initiative to hit back the opponents harder.

This story was narrated as movie, which starred Vicky Kaushal and other veterans of Bollywood industry. The story that they show is absolutely real. Suppose you get some quality time, ensure you watch this movie without fail. Coming to the point, as Modi secretly had a discussion with the military generals about the surgical strike. The military forces led by enthusiastic officers were very much aware of what to be done. Somewhere after 2am, they reached across Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Since there were radar detections, they choose to go through the land routes. They absolutely demolished the terrorists into pieces. Good that no of the officers lost their lives in the event and were successful in doing so. Under Modi’s guidance they could do things without any hindrance. There are things which has changed and the change is for the good they say. Only because of this, Modi won one more center elections and was again elected as Prime Minister of India.

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